About Us

Foodak is for everyone. We are all about connecting food, people, cultures and entertainment all in one place.

Foodak has been established with a mission to grow and empower local businesses, while also delivering your favorite global restaurants and fast food places straight to your door.

With over 500+ restaurants on our app and an extremely user-friendly & entertaining interface, Foodak is the gateway to a world of delight. Through our partners and on-time deliveries, we strive to make Foodak a place where shattering your taste-buds expectations the norm, not the exception. Foodak is a place where you can access a taste of every single corner of the globe with just a tap…maybe two.

Our teams are made up of passionate food lovers who are working relentlessly to make Foodak a unique online platform for food (and more) in Qatar— just for you. And we are only getting started; we are Foodak.



We Strive for Simplicity

“Simple is sweet, and we strive to make the sweet simple”. Our User Experience Design (UX) has been tailored to make things simple, convenient, and fun. We recognize that learning and growth never stops, and that there is always room for improvement; that’s why we’re constantly modifying the user experience and delivering solutions by analyzing data and welcoming any user feedback to help us understand what you like; so that you can eat what you want, and when you want.

We Strive for

We Love Convenience

Time is the most precious commodity in the universe, and eating is the #1 source of pleasure for humans; we take both seriously, and that’s why we are constantly creating and improving unique solutions to save you the unnecessary effort to get you what you want, and when you want it in the fastest time possible.

We Love

We Empower Our Partners

They say we rise by lifting others…that alone we are nothing, but together: we are everything. That’s why our greatest assets are our strategic partnerships; we support local and international businesses, franchises, employees and customers with a model where everyone benefits and wins. We are dedicated to overcoming complex challenges and providing the best solutions.

We Empower Our

We Are Agile

We recognize that ‘change’ is the law of nature; the universe is never static, and neither should we be. From frequent app updates driven by performance analyses and progress evaluations, our self-organizing teams embrace and swim with the flow of change. We take pride in being agile, flexible, and adaptable to changing market dynamics so that your satisfaction is never, ever disrupted.

We Are

We Are Driven By Technology

Technology and innovation develop at an exponential rate, and are constantly revolutionizing the way we do things. As technology is what drives us, we bring you the most advanced cutting-edge technologies to our online delivery service industry.We are changing the game.

We Are Driven By